This site is dedicated to accordion repair and tuning.

If you like the sound of a well tuned squeezebox – welcome! If you don’t there’s no point hanging round here…This site contains information about accordion tuning, tuning accordion reeds and other useful accordion information – please mail me any feedback!

Reed Health

It is prudent to remember, before even opening up an instrument, that the person who last gave attention to it was most likely an experienced person.

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Reed Construction

The reed body is normally aluminium and the reed tongue steel. The tongue is rivetted to the body. The unit has two reed tongues fitted each in its own close fitting slot.

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Reed Fixings

The reed blocks are commonly secured with screwed clips or cleats or small diameter ‘bolts’ which engage with the side frames. The blocks are set firmly in place but not over-tightened.

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Reed Configurations

Accordions are normally fitted with up to five banks of reeds and are referred to as ‘voices’. In a 5 voice instrument a common configuration of the reeds is depicted as shown below and is what is often displayed on the instrument’s tone change switches.

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Main Faults

The skills required in dealing with these faults are probably mostly ‘mechanical’ though the expertise required when tackling larger bodywork celluloid repairs is definitely specialised.

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