Pictures and Sound Clips

The Hohner Mignon 11

From humble beginnings… Venice1MP3!

Hohner Mignon 11

Hohner Atlantic 1V DeLuxe

From small beginnings to …………… a Hohner Atlantic 1V DeLuxe.
On two middle and piccolo reeds it sounds like this FrolicMP3
(According to Mario Bruneau’s tuning style list (page 13) this tuning/coupleris closest to ‘Italian Old Musette’)

Hohner Atlantic 1V DeLuxe

Paramount 1a

From an Italian maker E.E.Busilacchio. It is four voice with three 8′ reed sets and one 16′.
On three 8′ reedsit sounds like this:  UndertheBridges
and like this – AubadeCharmeuseVers2cClip
and like this – Fugitive Clip

On straight 8′ and 16′ reeds it sounds like this. Sweet Georgia Brown

Paramount 1a

Hohner Atlantic Musette 1V

This is another fine accordion from the Atlantic series made by Hohner in the 1950s and 60s.

It is four voice and arranged LMMM. The musette is probably slightly wetter/wider on this example than it was in its original form.
Two design features make it special. One is that the body work is all metal (a lighter alloy) which has overall weight advantages and the second is that a roller blind like mechanism is fitted under the treble grill and has the effect of muting the reed sound. It is particularly effective when the straight tuned reeds are selected. The resulting sound is round and mellow and strongly resembles a conventional ‘cassotto’ accordion.

On this clip both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ sounds are used:- Crazy2cmp3

A Scandanavian Waltz. On MMM musette. Click here to listen:  OsloWaltz3MP3

Some hornpipes. On MMM musette. Click here to listen:  VirginiaHP4clip